National Yearbook Project

1924-1925 Faculty, Muskogee Central High School,
Muskogee, Oklahoma


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Submitted by Ginger McCall

C. K. Reiff - Principal (A.B., A.M.)
Mrs. Gene Warner - Secretary
Helen Ackley - Assistant Secretary



Ball, F. Roy

North Texas Teachers' College

Beard, Myrtle

Southeastern State Teachers College

Boardman, Emma

A.B.; Univ. of Missouri

Bonnell, Elizabeth

A.B.; Randolph Macon

Braley, W. M.

North Texas State Normal

Butcher, Ralph E.

A.B.; Univ. of Indiana

Clark, Fern

North Texas State Normal College; Univ. of Okla.; Southeastern State Normal

Cochran, Rubye

College of Ind. Arts; East Texas State Normal

Coffey, May

B.S.; Okla. A & M College; Southwestern State Normal

Collins, Mrs. W. S.

State Teachers Normal; Univ. of Chicago

Curtis, Eva

A.B.; Northeastern State Teachers College; Univ. of Okla.; Univ. of Arkansas

Curtiss, Edith

A.B.; Univ. of Missouri

DeLay, Dora C.

A.B.; Univ. of Indiana

DeLay, Etta H.

A.B.; Univ. of Indiana

Dougherty, Norma Jo

A.B., B.S.; Univ. of Okla.; Univ. of Kansas; Univ. of Colorado; Columbia Univ.

Edmondson, Lillie Poole

Georgia State Normal

Evatt, Hassie C.

A.B.; Univ. of Okla.

Ferguson, Nana

Teachers College, Warrensburg, MO; Univ. of Colorado; Palmer School of Penmanship

Fernside, Reyburn

B.S.; Univ. of Okla.; Kansas State Normal

Gilbertson, Mrs. O. T.

Greggs School of Chicago; Northeastern State Teachers College

Goetz, Anton

Beethoven College

Gregory, Parthenia F.

A.B.; Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Okla.

Harder, George

A.B.; Kansas State Normal

Henson, Ethel

A.B.; Okla. A & M College

Howe, Nina Catherine

A.B.; Univ. of Kansas

Huff, Bessie M.

A.B.; Univ. of Kansas; Columbia Univ.

Huffaker, Mary

A.B.; Central State Normal; Univ. of Okla.

Hunter, Ann

Teachers College of Greely, Colorado

Hunter, Emily

Pd.B.; Colorado State Teachers College

Hurst, M. E.

A.B.; Phillips Univ.; Univ. of Missouri

Jenkins, Mrs. Albert

Okla. A & M College; Missouri State Normal

Jones, Elvira A.

A.B.; Univ. of Okla.; Univ. of Tulsa

Lemon, Goldie M.

A.B.; Univ. of Kansas

Little, Elizabeth A.

A.B.; Univ. of Kansas

Martin, W. V.

Valparaiso Univ.; Univ. of Chicago

Miller, Bonna

A.B., B.S.; Univ. of Missouri; Teachers' College, Warrensburg, MO

Moore, Mrs. T. H.

A.B.; Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Okla.; Univ. of Missouri; Univ. of Tulsa

Mothersead, W. H.

A.B.; Phillips Univ.; Univ. of Okla.

Palmer, Alice

B.S., M.A.; Kansas State Normal; Univ. of Kansas; Chicago Univ.; Okla. State Normal

Parker, Kathryn

A.B.; Shorter College

Patterson, Catherine

A.B.; Univ. of Okla.

Paul, C. E.

Bardley Polytechnic Institute

Percival, Kathryn

B.S.; Agricultural & Mechanical College of Okla.

Peters, Thelma

Univ. of Okla.; Univ. of Colorado; Columbia Univ.; Sherwood Conservatory of Music

Rennie, W. J.

A.B.; Hillsdale College; Univ. of Washington; Univ. of Illinois

Ritchey, Thelma

A.B.; Univ. of Okla.; Okla. State Teachers College

Sharp, Nola Jean

Southwestern State Normal; Academy of Fine Arts

Shelton, Byrd

Teachers' College, Springfield, MO; Teacher's College, Greeley, CO

Shinn, W. D.

B.S.E., M.S.; Univ. of Arkansas

Speaker, L. M.

B.S., A.M.; Univ. of Missouri; Univ. of Chicago

Spizzy, Mabel Seeds

B.M.; Washburn College; Northwestern Univ.; Columbia Univ.

Sterling, Catherine

New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics

Stewart, L. T.

Southwestern Univ.

Struble, Lucille

Commercial Teachers College; Northeastern State Normal

Sullivan, J. E.

A.B.; Univ. of Indiana; Central Normal

Thornton, Sarah

A.B.; Central State Normal; Univ. of Okla.

Wagner, Elizabeth

A.B.; De Pauw University

Watson, M. C.

A.B., B.S.; Univ. of Missouri

White, Buena V.

B.Lit.; Hardin College; Univ. of Chicago; Geo Washington Univ.; Chicago School of Music

Wickoff, Fred

Oklahoma A & M College

Winders, J. C.

P.Pd., B.S.; Chillicothe Normal; Univ. of Missouri; Univ. of Chicago

Worley, L. E.

A.B.; Shurtleff College; Rochester Theological Seminary

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